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Small Groups at Evergreen

At Evergreen, we believe that God designed us for community. When we open ourselves up to relationships with others, we are able to experience and extend God's love in a unique way as we grow together, pray together, laugh together, and share our lives with one another. At Evergreen, Small Groups are one way that we cultivate Christ-centred relationships with each other.

Small groups create space for people to grow closer to God and to one another. Some groups meet on an ongoing basis, while others meet on a short-term basis. Some groups work through books or video series, some get together for open conversations about faith and life, and others gather together around a shared activity or hobby.

We are currently recruiting group leaders as we prepare to launch into a new season of small groups in October. Are you passionate about gathering people together to grow closer to God and to each other? Check out our group types below to see which kind of group would be a good fit for you, and then submit your information to let us know that you are interested in leading!

Interested in joining a group? Check back soon for details about new groups that will be launching!

Life Groups

Life Groups meet regularly in people's homes or in the community on an ongoing basis to connect, support one another, laugh together, and grow together as followers of Jesus. Some groups meet weekly, others meet monthly, and some meet on a more sporadic basis. The format followed by each Life Group looks a bit different, but all Life Groups talk together, grow in their relationship with Christ together, and pray together.

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Study Groups

Study Groups meet on a short-term basis to learn about a specific topic together. Most study groups run from 4-8 weeks. Study groups may meet together to work through a video curriculum series, a book study, or to focus on learning a specific spiritual practice together. Not only are study groups a great way to focus in and grow in a specific area, they also create space for people to grow in community and connect with new people from within our church family!

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Activity Groups

Activity groups provide space for people to gather together around common interests. Often, the best conversations happen while we are just doing life together. Do you like painting, basketball, hiking, or board games? How about walking the trails, biking, or running throughout the summer months? Why not start an activity group and invite some other folks to join in the fun!

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