Volunteer at the Daycare!

Interested in Volunteering at the Daycare?

Here are some ways you can help out!

Sewing/Repairing Sheets

Our cot sheets are often in need of repair. It’s a simple fix of securing a piece of elastic. If sewing is your JAM, let me know and I’ll show you where the basket of ripped sheets is kept. We’re thankful to have one sewing enthusiast keeping an eye for a full basket but also know it’s an “easy behind the scenes” way for multiple people to help out! (ongoing need)

Carpet Cleaning

Our classroom area rugs need to be cleaned. We have access to a of couple household carpet cleaners, we just need someone to operate them! All the classroom carpets and the multi-purpose room can likely be done in 2-3 hours with 2 carpet cleaners going. (one time need)

Raking Leaves

As autumn gets into full swing, our back sidewalk and playgrounds will get piles of leaves blown into the corners. We have rakes and paper bags on site, we just need someone to bag them up periodically! (occasional need)

Is anyone a composting enthusiast?

The idea of composting our food waste and partnering with our community gardens has come up but we don’t know what we’re doing and so we are looking for someone who knows a lot about composting who can offer some guidance and education to our staff team. Let me know if this is you!! (could be an ongoing partnership)

Story Time

There is extensive research about how good it is to read aloud to children as well as providing intergenerational interactions in a positive setting. We would love to have individuals come in for a group story time, whether it’s once or a repeating event, our teachers are welcoming to visitors in the centre! (ongoing)

Coffee Morning

Do you love baking or are you a secret barista? Baked goods are needed and coffee servers for November 1st! (single date event)

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