Around The Table

What is Around the Table?

Around the Table is an opportunity to connect with others from our Evergreen community. On the first Sunday of each month, groups will gather at different times and in different places to share a snack or a meal together and to engage in meaningful conversation about different aspects of God's character. This will be a great chance to meet new people, build relationships across generations, and develop lasting connections!

When will Around the Table happen?

Around the Table will take place at various times throughout the day on the first Sunday of each month, November – March.

HOW WILL registration work?

Participants will sign up to attend an Around the Table group according to the time and location (e.g., Simcoe at 2pm.) Host names won't be listed on the registration page. Our hope is that Around the Table will create space for those within our church family to meet new people and connect across generations!


Participants will gather with the same group for all five Sundays of Around the Table. This will give everyone a chance to get to know one another on a deeper level over the course of the five gatherings!

what will happen after i register?

On Thursday, November, 2nd, you will receive an email with the name and address of your Around the Table host. You will also receive a link to a short video (5 minutes) about the character of God. Please watch the video before attending your group. During your Around the Table gathering, your group will spend some time engaging in conversation about God's character based on the themes from the videos. Your host may be in touch with you with any additional details about your group. Aside from that, your only job is to show up ready to connect with others, enjoy some food, and and engage in some great conversation!

Ready to sign-up?

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