Evergreen Kids

Equipping Families to Disciple their Children

Engaging Kids in a Life of Discipleship

Following Jesus is an adventure for the entire family. We are passionate about equipping parents to disciple their children through all stages of development, and inspiring families to live out their faith in practical ways each and every day.

Our Children’s Ministry Program is built around the Four Foundations of Learning that experts have identified as the conditions necessary to grow and flourish:


At Evergreen, kids are a part of the family. We aim to provide an environment where children are known and loved for who they are, and where authentic, caring relationships are cultivated between children, their peers, and the adults who are invested in their spiritual development.


We believe that the gospel is good news to the whole person. We seek to provide an environment that promotes the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health of children, and supports parents in nurturing holistic wellness within their families.


God didn’t call us to be passive spectators – He invites each of us to active participation in His Kingdom of love. We seek to provide an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration and inspires a life-long journey of active engagement in God’s mission to the world.


God made each one of us unique, and each child has something special that they bring to the world. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters self-expression – a place where children are safe to express themselves through words, songs, dance, and in a wide range of other creative formats.

RightNow Media

As a church, we also subscribe to RightNow Media. This allows us to give you free access to media-based discipleship resources for the entire family. If you’d like us to set you up with an account for RightNow media, click below: