Palms Down, Palms Up

Opening yourself up to receive from God

Palms down, palms up is a simple meditative exercise that Richard Foster describes in his book Celebration of Discipline. This is a practice that can help you surrender your concerns and challenges over to God, and open yourself up to receive the blessings that God wants to pour into your life.

One of the great things about this practice is that you can do it anywhere. As you face different challenges throughout your day - as you start to feel tension, stress, or worry well up inside of you, pause to surrender these things to God and open yourself up to his peace, presence, and power.

How to Practice Palms Up, Palms Down


Set aside any distractions and take a moment to centre yourself in God's presence. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that even now, he is within you and all around you.

turn your palms down, and release your concerns to god

Start by resting your hands on your knees and turning your palms down as a symbol of releasing your cares to God. Allow your heart to surrender your burdens to Him. You might pray something like "God, I surrender my anger you.", "Lord, I give you my worries about this meeting", or "God I release my fear you". You might feel a sense of release in your heart or in your hands as you pray. Take a few moments to lean into this posture of surrender.

turn your palms up, and receive from god

Now turn your palms upwards and posture your heart to receive from God. Ask God to provide you with whatever it is that you need. You may pray something like "God, I pray that you will fill me with Your love for...", or, "Father, please give me Your peace as I enter into this conversation". Whether you need God's joy, peace, grace, hope, or whatever else it may be, name it as you hold your hands open before God. Take a few moments to enjoy God's presence. Allow your heart to rest in fellowship with Him.