Covenant Membership

What is Covenant Membership?

At Evergreen, there are two facets to covenant membership. There is a legal component and a spiritual component.

From a legal perspective, Evergreen is a charitable organization, which means that we are required to have members who participate in our decision making processes. This includes voting on issues such as who is put into leadership roles and the budget that sets the parameters for how we do our ministry each year. When you become a member at Evergreen, you are expressing your commitment to be a part of these important family conversations that set the direction for our church. This means that members are expected to participate in our Annual General Meeting whenever possible, where these conversations happen and decisions are made. In fact, we are required by law to have a certain percentage of our members present at these meetings in order for them to happen.

However, at Evergreen we see covenant membership as something much bigger than this. At Evergreen, we believe that God designed us for community. We simply cannot live our faith alone. And God doesn't just want us to be spectators who sit through a church service once a week and then leave unchanged. We are called to engage. We are called to commit. We are called to grow together. We are called to love one another, to speak truth to one another, and to do life together as we follow Christ. The church is a messy place that is full of broken people. But it is a community that is built on the foundation of God's grace and empowered by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Becoming a covenant member at Evergreen means expressing your commitment to journey together with us through the joys and challenges of discipleship.

If you'd like to become covenant member at Evergreen, please let us know by completing the following form. Somebody will connect with you to discuss next steps.