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Care Ministry Core Team

Care Ministry Core Team members will be engaged in the church, gifted in a variety of ways, and who have a desire to develop this Ministry area. In addition to leading care initiatives, Community Caregivers will be encouraged to engage others in their care plans. For example, if a church family member is grieving or celebrating, the Community Caregiver(s) may determine that a “meal-train” or other care activity would be appropriate. Rather than making all of the meals alone, the Core Team Member would be expected to engage other households in caring for this person together. This role will fit best for someone who is interested in coordinating supports and comfortable reaching out to members of the congregation to engage their support for others.

Care Ministry Team Community Caregivers

The Care Ministry at Evergreen Heights is designed to be a collective responsibility of the entire church community. Care Ministries will involve a variety of activities and initiatives that are malleable across a variety of situations and which are suitable to various contexts. Through a network of Community Caregivers, the church will envelop its community in an increasingly prominent culture of love, support, and togetherness.

There are a multitude of ways that the church can show care and support to members of the church family. Activities should be based on personal knowledge of the situation and of the recipient of care, whenever possible. The list below is an example of possible care activities and not exhaustive.

Food-based care:

  • “Meal train”
  • Baked goods
  • Church pantry or grocery gift cards (in consultation with Benevolent)

Compassionate care:

  • Writing cards
  • Visiting or “visiting train/schedule”
  • Phone calls

Other care:

  • Collection of items for a time of need
  • Support with errands
  • Specific care needed or requested by the recipient

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