Breath Prayer

Being attentive to God's presence in every breath

Breath prayer is an ancient prayer practice that can help us become mindful and attentive to God's presence and provision in every moment of our day. Breath prayer is simple form of prayer, in which our expressions of worship, declarations of truth, and petitions to the Father, are expressed rhythmically as we inhale and exhale.

Breath prayer isn't a cognitive exercise - it is an expression of the deepest spiritual need and longing. Typically, a breath prayer will stay with you for some time. It is an expression that you will come back to again and again throughout the day for days, weeks, or even months.

How to Practice Breath Prayer

Centre yourself in God's presence

Take a few moments to make yourself aware of God's presence within you and all around you. Take some deep breaths and remind yourself of His love.

in god's presence, reflect on your deepest longing

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your deepest need for the moment. Are you in need of God's peace? of His hope? Do you need to be reminded of his power or his grace? Maybe you need to develop a deeper sense of your identity as a God's beloved child. We spend a lot of our time and energy taking care of our immediate needs. This is an opportunity to go deeper and explore your spiritual needs - the needs of your heart - in God's loving presence.

discover your breath prayer

You may shape your breath prayer by calling on a name or image of God while breathing in, and naming your deep longing as you breathe out. You may find that the Holy Spirit brings a Scripture or declaration of truth to mind that speaks to your heart. For example, you may breathe in while praying, “Be Still and Know” and then breathing out as you pray “That I am God.” Allow your breath prayer to minister to you and centre you in God's truth.

Breathe in while praying the first portion of your breath prayer

Take a deep breath in as you focus your heart and mind on the first portion of your breath prayer.

breath out while praying the second portion of your breath prayer

Slowly breathe out as you focus your heart and mind on the second portion of your breath prayer.

come back to your breath prayer throughout the day

As often as you think of it, pray your breath prayer throughout the day. Meditate on the words and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through it. As you pray your breath prayer again and again, you will find yourself coming back to it often without even thinking about it. Allow it to ground you in truth that runs deeper than the circumstances that you are facing an any given moment.