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Gratitude Practices for October

Living in Gratitude

In the month of October, we celebrate Thanksgiving. When we think about Thanksgiving, the first things that come to mind are usually turkey, pumpkin pie, and time spent around the table with loved ones. However, in addition to providing an opportunity to enjoy good food and to spend time with the people that matter most to us, Thanksgiving reminds us of the importance of gratitude.

As followers of Christ, we are called to live lives of gratitude toward God. Gratitude helps us to maintain a healthy perspective. It reminds us that the good things in our lives are not the result of our own striving, but rather, are gifts from the hand of the God who loves us. Gratitude reminds us to focus on the good and beautiful things in our lives rather than becoming consumed by the challenges. It opens us up to worship God and cultivates joy in our lives.

Throughout October, we are encouraging our church family to engage in practices of gratitude. In this booklet you will find a suggested Scripture reading and a practice for each day of the month. We hope that this resource helps you to grow closer to God and live each day with a deeper sense of His presence, provision, and goodness.