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Christmas Gift Drive

Help us spread some love and joy to our neighbours this Christmas!

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to practice generosity! As we celebrate the gift that God gave to us in Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to extend generosity to others and help spread joy and love in what could be a difficult season for some folks.

This year at Evergreen, we want to be a blessing to neighbours in our local community who could use some support.

We will be coming alongside two local agencies - The Pregnancy Centre and Indwell - to provide gifts to people they serve.

How Will The Gift Drive Work?

Below, you will find a link where you can sign up to participate in the Gift Drive, by purchasing a gift for an adult male, an adult female, or a child.

You can register to donate a complete gift box, or to donate one or more items to go towards a gift box.

  • Each adult will be given a gift box with a total value of about $50. The gift box may include things like gift cards, hats, mitts, and hygiene items.

  • Each child will be given a gift box that includes three items: pajamas, a small toy, and a book. We are waiting to receive information on the age and gender of each child, and will email that to you once we receive it.

Before you purchase your gift, please check out the Gift Guidelines page by clicking below. There you will find more detailed information from each organization about what to include!

Gift Box Drop Off

Please drop off your gift box at Evergreen at one of the following times:

  • 7:00pm-9:00pm on Wednesday, December 2nd
  • 10am-12pm on Saturday, December 5th

If you are not able to drop off your gift box at either of those times, please contact us so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Sign Up to Donate a Complete Gift Box

For an Adult or a Child

If you'd like to donate a complete gift box (filled with items that have a total value of about $50 for adults, or with pajamas, a book, and a small toy for a child), sign up here!

Sign Up To Donate Items Toward a Gift Box

For an Adult

You are also welcome to donate one or more gift items that we will put together with other donations to create a complete gift box for somebody. Click here to register to donate items towards a gift box: