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Help At Anson Place During COVID-19

Responding to a Call for Help

An Opportunity to Care for Those in Need...

Many of you have heard about the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 that has impacted Anson Place Care Centre in the recent weeks. With the number of staff and residents infected with COVID-19, the long-term care facility and retirement home is desperately seeking assistance to take care of the basic needs of their residents.

On April 17th, the Medical Officer of Health in Haldimand-Norfolk made an urgent plea to local churches to invite members of their community to come forward to help with the situation. These are extraordinary circumstances that require unprecedented action.

Given the number of staff who are testing positive for COVID-19, Anson Place is struggling to meet the ongoing care needs of their residents. They are asking members of the community to join their team on a short-term basis to assist with this. Here are the details:

  • This is a community service opportunity, but will also be paid work. Work will be compensated at the staff's current rate of pay.
  • Individuals who offer to help should be healthy and under the age of 50. It is also essential that individuals are able to self-isolate throughout the duration of the time they serve.
  • No training or experience is needed. If you have provided basic kinds of support to an elderly relative or would be capable of doing so, you have skills that would be essential at Anson Place right now. You will receive all the training you need upon starting at Anson Place, and will work with another staff person who will be able to provide you guidance and support.
  • Before starting at Anson Place, you will be tested for COVID-19 to ensure you are not a carrier of the virus. The Medical Officer of Health advised that there is a low risk of contracting the virus, because those who commit to helping will be provided with full personal protective equipment for their safety.
  • Scheduling will be very flexible. Essentially, the care centre is in desperate need for help and is willing to work with anybody who is able to offer support.

Click below to view the request for support from Anson Place's Executive Director

How To Involved

If you have questions or would like to serve in this way, you can contact Lisa Roth directly at [email protected]